• Operates from two (2) Dynalco magnetic pickups. Single pickup operation is not reliable.
  • Built-in flashing LED indicates when sufficient signal amplitude is available to power the PNT-202.
  • Auxiliary output drive provided for Dynalco Controls signal-powered digital tachometers such as the SPD-100 and SPD-700.
  • Totally floating and isolated input terminals are free of grounds.
  • Insensitive to line noise, spikes, grounding, etc.since there is no ac or dc connection. Usable in remote locations where no external power is available.
  • Rugged, reliable, highly accurate. Senses pulse rate only; is insensitive to signal amplitude
    variations. Stability of ±1% under all environmental conditions. Multiturn setpoint potentiometer permits large speed range adjustment. Field-programmable for input range of either 0-1000 Hz or 0-5000 Hz.
  • Foolproof; no panel controls. A single tell-tale reset button pops out from the SPV-200 Solenoid Pneumatic Valve when tripped. Button is pushed back in to reset. Pneumatic reset is available.
  • Can drive an optional circuit breaker (in place of the SPV-200 Valve) for “electrical” shutdown applications e.g. grounding the ignition.
  • Built-in test circuit. (1) Removing the jumper from the two Verify terminals (N and P) lowers
    the overspeed trip point 10%, permitting shutdown testing without overspeeding. (2) This feature can also be used to set the trip point to just trip at normal operating speed with the jumper disconnected. When the jumper is reinstalled, the overspeed trip is known to be set
    10% higher than normal operating speed.

PICKUP POWERED OVERSPEED TRIP: over/under speed protection, CSA:
Cls I, Div 1, Grp A, B, C,D.

The PNT-202 receives power and signal input from (2) magnetic pickups, providing 2 setpoints for tripping SPV-200 Pneumatic Solenoid.


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