LVD 3 Instrument

  • 2 individual measurement channels
  • Transducer excitation: 2.5–3.2 kHz
  • Primary feed-back or sum feed-back
  • Voltage output: 0–10 or ±10 V
  • Current output: 4–20 mA
  • Power supply: 24 VDC
  • Quick installation on DIN-rail
  • CE-marking
  • meets EMC

Signal conditioner LVD 3 is developed for accurate and rapid position measurements by means of LVDT transducers.The module consists of two identical channels, electrically isolated from each other and from the power supply. Each channel has an oscillator that supplies the transducer with AC excitation, inputs for the two position sensitive signals from the transducer and an adjustable signal ampliier with current and voltage output. Calibration of LVD 3 and the connected LVDT transducers is easily performed by switches, potentiometers and test sockets on the module. LVD 3 is mounted on a DIN rail or any lat surface. All electric connections to the module are made through one plug-in terminal block for each channel.


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