KDH-1B Weigh Module

  • Capacity range: 200K and 300K lb (90.7K and 136K kg)
  • Low profile and low deflection with symmetrical mounting bolt pattern for easy installation
  • Floating design allows for thermal expansion and contraction
  • Seismic and wind resistant self-checking design
  • FM and CSA approved for hazardous locations

KDH-1B series weigh modules use a unique double-ended shear beam design that produces a compact, high strength, inventory or process weighing sensor. For use on large inventory and process vessels, the modules offer checkless (no check or stay rods) design, low profile, and symmetrical bolt spacing. The floating top plate and yoke arrangement allows the module to accommodate vessel thermal expansion and contraction without measurement errors. Sideload resistance provides high accuracy on systems subjected to wind loads and vibration. The integral conduit fitting and potted cavities give superior humidity and hose-down protection. Ideally suited for weighed structures requiring inherent 'overdesign', KDH modules bolster the engineering task of meeting or exceeding ANSI/ASCE 7-98 standards. KDH-1B modules excel where adverse forces are created by wind, thermal expansion, and earthquakes.


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