Field Service and Calibration Kit

  • Start-up calibrate and troubleshoot process weighing systems
  • Simultaneous individual load cell measurement
  • Pre-calibrated for mV/V, percent of load, and force units
  • Includes instrument calibrator
  • Remote connection cable assemblies
  • Rugged portable suitcase design with shock mounting
  • Troubleshooting procedures manual

Start-up, commissioning, routine servicing, and calibration of process weighing systems can be simplified significantly using the FSk-40 Service and Calibration Kit. This complete kit is equipped with a four-channel load cell instrument, an instrument calibrator, a serial communication module, operation and servicing manuals, and a set of 10-foot remote connection cables. The entire assembly is housed in a rugged, portable suitcase with shock mounting. The core of the kit is the four-channel instrument that makes it possible to measure the output of each of up to four load cells simultaneously and independently. This powerful tool greatly reduces the time needed to identify mechanical restrictions, mechanically balance the system, and isolate load cells for troubleshooting. The instrument is factory pre-calibrated to provide individual readout in mV/V, and percent of load or conventional units of force. In addition, the instrument is equipped with a serial port and adapter for logging of data on a PC or serial printer. For troubleshooting and calibration of associated instrumentation, a precision calibrator is included. To facilitate easy remote connection to individual load cell cables inside a summing box, special 10-foot wiring harnesses with spring loaded connectors are included. Finally, a comprehensive manual describing the techniques professions use to properly configure, calibrate and troubleshoot weigh systems is also included. Applications: Field service Calibration Test and measurement.


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