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1590 Sprinkler Pressure Gauge

The Model 1590 sprinkler gauge comes in three standard configurations. The R-1590 retarded air pressure gauge is used in a dry system on the sprinkler head side of a control valve. It accurately monitors line air pressure, but also has the ability to accept up to 250 psi of water pressure upon activation. The P-1590 sprinkler gauge is used on the water supply side of the system to indicate available source pressure. It can also be used alone on a wet system where water is constantly available to the sprinkler head.

One available configuration is an Air/Water version, in a 0-300 psi with both air and water noted on the dial.  All 3½” gauges are approved by the Factory Mutual System and are listed by Underwriters’ Laboratories.  All versions have the manufactured year noted on the dial face.

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