Benefits of Solar Energy


Solar power system uses Solar Photovoltaic Technology by the means of a Solar Panel to capture the Irradience of the Sun. Solar Panals are formed by 2 layers of silicon which are a group of cells or solar cells with opposing electrical charges.  When expose to light, it converts light (photons) into electrical energy (electrons) which produces electricity that can be used immediately or exported to a power grid. Because solar panels do not require direct sunlight to produce energy, they are still effective in overcast weather.

The Solar Panel System utilizes an Inverter to convert the DC current produced by the Solar Panels to the AC current with a 240V AC electricity that is widely accepted by standard household appliances as well as the utility grid. 

Global warming has caused climate patterns to change globally. In a bid to slow down global warming, there has been an increase in demand for alternative sources of energy. To play its part in providing sustainable energy, in 2007, PCT established the Solar Division and has since designed and built more than 219.0MW of solar power plants. PCT has established itself as one of the leaders as a Developer and EPC contractor and has also taken part in numerous events held by the Thailand Photovoltaic Associations (TPVA). With a research and development plant built in Saraburi, we are able to test multiple photovoltaic modules, inverters and structures to understand electrical and mechanical parameters and arrive at optimal system configurations. We can then use our experience gained at the site in our design of power plants that not only meets our customers’ requirements but also produces the optimal amount of electricity, thereby providing customer with a one-stop solution.